You’ll Have Time to Play Babies Later

“Mommy, let’s play babies,” is what I hear a gazillion times a day from my 2 year old. As her mother, I feel it is my duty to have a talk with her and give her some advice. This is how that conversation would go…..

“Reese, there will a be a point in your life, hopefully atleast 25 years from now, where you will be “playing” babies NON STOP. It will not be as fun  but you will get the opportunity to play it 24/7.

I feel like your time now is better spent playing nap time or relax and put your feet up time. Now is the time you should sit quietly with some coffee and a smut magazine. Take an uninterrupted shower, dry your hair at your leisure and heck…..go to the bathroom with the door closed.

Put those babies down and enjoy your youth. You don’t see Mommy putting on diapers and playing “retirement home” do you?  Now, leave me alone for a few minutes, Reese, I have to go do a quick blog post about this!”

5 Responses to You’ll Have Time to Play Babies Later

  1. avatar michelle says:

    This is awsome….can totally relate to this one!! Keep them coming you are doinga great job!

  2. avatar Briana says:

    I LOVE your blog! Hilarious! Great work. Your kids are adorable and your writing is fantastic. I wish I was laughing with my kids as much as you are!

  3. avatar Kym Ocasio says:

    I wish you’d had this talk with me about 11 months ago! 🙂

  4. avatar Hailey Swanson says:

    been reading through some of your blogs. so funny! i love that you say what we all ACTUALLY think instead of what we think the everyone wants us to. keep them coming!!

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