You Know You’re A Mom When…..

  • Shopping for more “stylish” clothes means unripped and unstained sweats and sweatshirts.
  • You tell your hairdresser not to cut your hair because you like the look of a long pony tail.
  • You eat lunch at 10:30am because you had breakfast 5 hours ago!
  • You have more wine in your shopping cart than food.
  • You get excited when the mail gets here, because it gives you something to do.
  • You have kids show theme songs in your head all day and night.
  • You know what poop tastes like.
  • You say that you have to go “potty” even when the kids aren’t around.
  • Every purse that you look to buy seems too small.
  • “Me time” consists of cleaning the kitchen floor while your husband takes the kids upstairs for baths.
  • You have said, “do that one more time and you are going to time out,” atleast 5 times before noon.
  • You stopped having time to shave above the knee.
  • You feel more normal when someone else’s kid has a break down in public.
  • Taking a bath seems too exhausting since you would have to take the 20 animals and squeaky toys out first.
  • You get excited for kid free events because others get to see what you are actually “supposed” to look like.
  • You are asked daily, “Mommy, is that water or alcohol?”
  • All you want is time to your self but the moment you have it you miss your kids.
  • You start a blog so that you can air out your dirty laundry!
  • You go on a much needed vacation with your husband and end up watching home movies of the kids when you get there.


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4 Responses to You Know You’re A Mom When…..

  1. avatar Sandy says:

    Ha! Love it! I love that about other kids freaking out in public. I actually sigh and smile when it happens.

  2. avatar Anna says:

    Oops – didn’t scroll down far enough – should have left my comment here! Oh my, I LOVE this list! I think I feel every single one of these. I have actually told hairdressers before, they could do what they wanted as long as I could still do a ponytail – haha! I have a huge purse, love getting the mail, have hairy legs above the knee and have a kid’s show theme song in my head right now! Awesome post, stopping by from Mama Kat’s 🙂

  3. Although my kids are getting older now (they’ll turn 9 & 13 next month) I can relate to most all of these! Especially the one about feeling more normal when someone else’s kid is having a breakdown in public. Lord knows I have experienced my fair share of breakdowns!

  4. avatar Belle says:

    “You feel more normal when someone else’s kid has a break down in public.”
    This. Exactly. And then I thank my lucky stars that mine are behaving for a change.

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