You Know You’re A Mom When…..

My sister recently started a mom’s group in the area and on the questionnaire for potential members it says, “you know you are a mommy when…..?” While reading through various responses, I noticed that we all share common experiences, so I thought that I would make my own list. You know you are a Mom when……

  • The last live band that you saw was named Rolie Polie Guacamole
  • You know what poop tastes like
  • You select a grocery store based on free child care
  • Summer is your LEAST favorite time of year
  • In order to avoid temper tantrums you just lie and say that something is broken instead of telling them no they can’t play with it
  • You carry candy or a treat at all times for bribery
  • You say toot and potty even when there are no children around
  • You stopped closing the bathroom door years ago
  • You can’t figure out where those extra 5 lbs came from and then one day realize it is because you have had your own meals plus bites and licks of your kids meals too
  • Your smart phone is your best babysitter
  • You choose your Starbucks based on the availability of a drive through

I am sure I can write a million other reasons on how I know I am a mom, but I have to go fix 3 breakfasts and then spend the next hour hearing….”can I be done now?”


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