Why Didn’t You Eat Your Lunch??

I was going through Chase’s backpack the other day after school and I noticed that his lunch box still contained all of the food I had packed for the day’s lunch. “Chase,” I shrieked, “why didn’t you eat your lunch today??” It was his third week of school and each day that lunch box had come home empty, so I was pretty confused at this point.

“Mom, you know I don’t like peanut butter and jelly,” he groaned. I explained to him that we ran out of cream cheese for his usual bagel and cream cheese request and that I had to substitute it for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I asked him why he didn’t eat the other items that I had packed and only ate the orange. His answer made me so proud of him I could cry…..

“Mommy, I thought I would get in trouble for eating the non-healthy snacks before my sandwich.” I am not sure that I have ever been more proud….and then today he told me that he selected the salad bar, grapes and carrots on his first day of buying lunch. I may be screwing everything else up, but my kids seem to be making good choices when it comes to food.

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  1. avatar Kellie says:

    Love this post. It sounds vaguely like Carson. Heavy on the vaguely as he isn’t quite that healthy but he is my boy that will only drink water or milk but gets a Carpi Sun at parties out of peer pressure and only has a sip. He loves beets and anything we can grow out of the garden, I also patted my self on the back with his healthy eating habits (especially because I don’t eat as health as you)……THEN….. not sure if I just got lazy or was just too tired of trying with the 2nd as it’s a battle to get Sawyer to drink white milk vs chocolate and if she could (which she can’t) drink juice every day of her life. Good thing she was my spare. 🙂

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