What I Learned About My Kids In Under 5 Minutes

I decided to take the two older kids to story time yesterday morning at the library.  We all hopped in the car and after just a five minute drive these are the things I learned.

  • Chase had a dream the other night that a giant mouse was eating a piece of cheese with him and the gang from the Bubble Guppies. The mouse was chasing him around and bit him with his huge lips.


  • Reese and her friend Sophie went to Red Robin by themselves yesterday. Reese drove and Sophie sat in the back in her car seat. They sat down at the “rest-er-not” and looked at the map. After looking at the map they then decided that they wanted to both order smoothies.


  • Clayton from school brought a red, purple, brown and black necklace to show and tell yesterday that he got as a gift from church. Chase wanted to know when we were ever going to go to church again.


  • Reese does not like her ponytail in while she takes a nap! It’s ok though because “she knows how to do it” and can take it out herself “like this” when she lays down.


  • Chase likes to make up songs about sticks and sing them out loud.


  • A new joke. Chase: “Knock knock?” Me: “Who’s there?” Chase: “Steering wheel.” Me: “Steering wheel who?” Chase: “Steering wheel house!” ….whole car laughs hysterically…except me.


  • Reese can count to 12, over and over again.


  • Chase forgot to brush his teeth but wanted to make sure that I reminded him to when we got back home.


  • Chase does not like his hair spiked any longer, he prefers it down or possibly to the side.
It turns out story time was cancelled today. It was quiet on the way home, not sure which I prefer.


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