What Color Pants Does Daddy Wear?

Chase has always been a kid who needs to be entertained…and usually by me. I have always envied the other stay at home Moms who are able to flip on a movie in one room and go have some piece and quiet in another.

When Chase was 6 months old we moved into our new home. We excitedly watched our house get built and knew that the downstairs bedroom would be the perfect playroom for Chase and our future children. Pete and I had so much fun creating a playroom that our kids would play in for hours on end.

I pictured myself cooking countless dinners (gourmet, of course), while my little son would be in the playroom learning and playing to his hearts content. The first 6 months that we lived in the house I would hang out in the playroom with him. I remember holding up plastic balls and teaching him the different colors. We had fun memories, just the two of us in that playroom, and as each month passed, I thought that he would start to entertain himself.

Eventually, I put up a gate at the entrance and he would stand at it and yell for me when I would leave the room. The “gourmet meals” that I had envisioned were being pushed out to the future when I wouldn’t have a needy kid at my ankle. I thought it was just an age thing but he is now 5 years old.

Today, I was trying to watch one of my recorded shows, and relax for just 20 minutes while the girls were sleeping. I told Chase that I wanted him to go draw me a picture since he has a love for coloring and drawing. He quickly jumped off of the couch to run into his room and create a masterpiece for me. I pushed play on the remote and sat back in my comfy robe to enjoy myself. This is how the next 20 minutes went….

Chase: “Mommy” (whispers loudly from his room to the tv room).

Me: “What?? I’m trying to watch my show!”

Chase: “What color shirts does Daddy have?” (runs back in the room where I am).

Me: “Um, blue.”

Chase: “I can’t find my blue pen so what other color shirts does Daddy have?”

Me: “black”

Chase: “What’s it look like? Is there a colar, buttons? Any letters or symbols anywhere on it?”

Me: “Um, it’s plain black and has a colar.”

Chase: (after being gone for 3 minutes runs back in) “What color pants do you have?”

Me: “Black”

Chase: “Will those match your tan and brown shirt…because that is what I drew you wearing?”

Me: “Yes, that will match great”

For the entire length of my show I had to keep pushing pause to answer questions, about the color of pants and shirts that Reese and Lane each have. I had to also explain what designs were on the outfits in question and if they matched. He then ran out to me, handed me the picture and said, “Here Mommy, I drew you a picture of our family for your blog!” Hmmm….I should wear that tan and brown shirt more…it looks good on me!

5 Responses to What Color Pants Does Daddy Wear?

  1. avatar Kellie says:

    So funny, so sad, so true.. been there.. am there right now. I was so excited to wake up at 6 this morning and no one was up and I folded 3 loads of laundry that I have been waiting to do till I had a free minute by the TV. I watched 2 shows my husband would judge me about and my kids would have had to plug their ears & cover their eyes and it was HEAVEN!

  2. Love the picture, it’s so cute! Although too bad you had to watch your show in 30 second increments. My youngest is just like Chase, while my eldest would happily be left alone to play. Sigh…

  3. avatar Jamie Quinlan says:

    Kellie- Oh, don’t even get me started on what my husband says about the shows I watch! He is disgusted when seeing what is all on our DVR!
    Rebecca- The 30 second increments were annoying but at least I got to see what happened on the Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion! 🙂

  4. avatar Kellie says:

    Oh that could be a whole diff post about husbands and their comments on our tv watching. However I back to this.. I have one more question? Why did Chase not put you in your blue robe and white tube socks? I think you paid him to put you in that tan and brown shirt!

  5. avatar denise opsahl says:

    At least he didn’t draw you in your blue robe at the park!!

    I was watching one of my shows last night (too embarassed to name which one) and Erik came downstairs and told me that he thinks I need a reality TV intervention….

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