Wanted: Jobs For a Stay at Home Mom

I have been a stay at home mom now for about 4 1/2 years. Since my days are a blurred mess of wiping (bums), cleaning, cooking, yelling, scolding, mentoring, and teaching, I rarely feel a sense of accomplishment. I know that what I am doing is important and that I am hurting, helping mold my children into good little human beings, but it’s not enough for me, I guess. Just knowing that I contributed to the car bill or the enormous food bill each month would make me feel a sense of self worth….or something.

I searched Craigslist and work from home websites for any type of part time, etc work that I could find. I was very upset to find that I wasted the last 5 of my donating egg years on having my own children. Apparently my eggs are stale now that I am of the ripe ol age of 35. They should at least offer to pay half for my old eggs!  FINE…don’t use them then!

I started the job hunt in January and so far this is what I have done:.

I worked the Seattle Gift Show for a glass company. It was a lot of fun, got me out of the house and I made good money for a weekends worth of work. The best part about it is that the company has asked me to work other shows during the year so it will be ongoing money!

I found mystery shopping companies. I get emails daily for jobs but only am able to do certain ones due to my schedule. The jobs that I have accepted have been for restaurants mostly but they get my husband and I out of the house for date night every once in a while.



I worked the Seattle and Fife RV shows. This one was totally random and everyone that knows me cracked up when I told them that I was going to be selling RV’s. I got up, threw on my RV polo shirt and pearls, and even though I knew NOTHING about them….I ended up selling 6 and made great money. This is another job that I will have the opportunity to do each year.

I take valued opinion surveys online. I get a bunch of surveys daily and although haven’t had time to answer any lately I have received a visa gift card for $30. You get about  $1-$2 per survey and they take anywhere from 15-30 min. Not really great money but you can make something if you are just sitting at the computer anyways.

So, there is my list of jobs that I have found since January. The next time you see someone in a chicken suit outside a fast food restaurant or wearing a huge sign saying mattress liquidation, wave…..it may be a stay at home mom who has found her sense of accomplishment for the day!!!


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  1. avatar Mrs. Newly says:

    I bet if you dress up your kids as baby chicks, you could bring them along with you too!!

  2. avatar Sherri says:

    Check out my website. Maybe it’s something you would be interested in! I always identify with your posts, so I’m thinking we are like-minded Mom’s 🙂

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