Tick Or Treat

I remember going with my mom and sister to the doctor’s office years ago, so my mom could talk to the doctor about my sister’s ticks. At the time my sister was kicking her rear end with her foot, every time she took a step and it was both hilarious and weird to watch. The doctor told my mom that it was just a phase and to not bring any attention to it.

Fast forward to years later, and here I am with a child with several ticks. None have been as goofy and ridiculous as the butt kicking that my sister,  used to do but they are in themselves weird. I still to this day I remind her that she has kicked her own ass. Chase is 5 years old now and these are some of the “ticks” we have endured so far.

  • Rubbing his hand down his face. He used to do this when he was tired mostly. Would start at the forehead and quickly move his hand down to his chin.
  • Licking basketballs. He used to pick up a basketball wherever we were and just lick it. No matter if we were at a indoor play area or at Target…just a big ol lick across the basketball.
  • Eyes blinking. When he started kindergarten this one really started for the first month. People would ask us if something was wrong with his eye since he would be blinking them like crazy but nope..it was just a tick.
  • Sniffing. This was a fun one. He would go around sniffing every few minutes and it would drive me CRAZY!
  • Shoulder shrug. He used to shrug his shoulders up and down all day like he was trying to touch his shoulders to his ears.
  • Throat clearing. The fun thing was when he would do the eye blinking and annoying throat clearing all at the same time…all day, every day.
  • Spiking his hair. Even during his soccer games he would run down the field spiking the front of his hair with his hand. For a while he was doing the spiking hair and rubbing his hand down his face at the same time.

Those are just the ticks that we have experienced  Some of the fashion phases we have gone through are….

  • Helmet in car. Yes, you heard that correctly. Chase used to wear his bicycle helmet in the car when we went on car rides.



  • Eye patch. For a while there he would wear an eye patch everywhere we went. There were a number of times I would grocery shop with Chase and his eye patch.



  • Wrist & headbands. Chase was obsessed with wearing wrist and headbands for some time. He did always seem to pick out ones that matched his outfit for the day so that part made me proud.



  • Strap over chest. Not any strap….but a light green strap from his water canteen that, I bought him for soccer. He ditched the canteen and likes to wear just the strap, Rambo style.



  • Goggles. Yep, just a random pair of swim goggles that he would wear around the house. Don’t worry, he would wear them on the top of his head if he was eating. Then after the meal they went right back on.



  • Glove without the fingers. This one still makes its appearance from time to time. One day a couple of years ago he decided to cut the fingers off of one of his grey gloves. Since then he still brings out that same finger-less grey glove and wears it.
Since Chase is only 5 years old I am sure we have many more ticks and fashion statements to look forward to. Hopefully one of them will involve vacuuming the house or doing the laundry!


3 Responses to Tick Or Treat

  1. avatar sarah lynch says:

    This is hilarious!! My favorite is the eye patch and the green strap.

  2. avatar Renee Bellard says:

    Hey Jamie,
    I believe these are just treats from Chase and memories you will treasure when he is a grown man. When my son Jared was about 3 he would go no where without wearing his navy blue rubber boots usually on the wrong feet. My mother bought them for him which was probably part of the attraction. Later at about the age of 6 he took to wearing an insulated camoflauge coverall suit with an old Honda motorcycle helmet in the heat of summer riding his bicycle leading the other kids of the neighborhood. He is now an Airman 1st class in the Air Force and I couldnt be more proud of the man he is now or the sweet little boy he was then. Guess the camoflauge should have given me a clue!

  3. avatar Stacy Klein says:

    I know this is way late to the party but I had to add something. My little sister used to blink her eyes all funny. They finally did an EEG on her and a sleep test. Turns out she was chemically deppressed. Her brain just doesn’t produce and receive the right mix of chemicals.

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