This Tall Gal Needs a Long Pair of Pants!

I am 5’11 and often have trouble finding clothes that  are long enough for me. Most pants look like capris  and most shirts look like I need to sport a belly chain since they show off half of my midriff . So, when searching the malls and online boutiques for clothes that are acceptable for a taller gal like myself, I am often surprised at the brand- names that marketers have chosen.




Long Tall Sally, for example, is a catalog that has recently started showing up at my house. Apparently they got wind that a tall drink of water lived in house number 2315. I think that “Tall Drink of Water” may be a better name selection then the one they chose. First off, aren’t long and tall the same word? And who is this beast of a woman Sally?

Recently, Long Tall Sally had a clothing sale at a downtown hotel. With my enormous mother and sister in tow, we set out for a big bitch shopping spree. When we got there we realized:

  • We are actually considered short in the mind of Long Tall Sally (we could have cut the pants in half and made 2 pair).
  • An XS in a tall shop is like a M in a normal store.
  • Tall women apparently aren’t supposed to be fashionable.
  • Walking around Seattle, with “Long Tall Sally” plastered all over our bags was embarrassing.

So, until “Giraffe’s Are Us” opens up down the street, I will continue my quest for long, fashionable pants and shirts that are of adequate proportions to my tall frame. I will keep admiring the Juicy sweatsuits seen at preschool drop off, and zip ups that go all the way down to the other mom’s wrists. I will be the mom in the toddler sweatshirt and capris!




2 Responses to This Tall Gal Needs a Long Pair of Pants!

  1. avatar denise opsahl says:

    I have never experienced this problem before…. 🙂

    After checking every.single.pair of pants in the Juicy outlet store with you I can only promise that I will save the extra length from my next pair so we can sew it on to yours! You’re welcome.

    midge in the city

  2. avatar Mrs. Newly says:

    I think there should be two separate tall should be called “Lanky and Loving it” while the other named “That’s a Huuggge Bitch!” This will help avoid any confusion of which “tall category” one fits into.

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