This Blog is For You

I have been blogging for two months which is not a long time, but it is longer than I would have predicted when I started. “I have no time to blog,” I told my husband a million times. I am drowning in motherhood and I couldn’t possibly put another thing on my “to do” list.

So, here I am, two months and 28 blog posts later. I feel refreshed, renewed and excited. I look forward to writing because I have found an outlet. In between the naps, diapers, meals, cuts and bruises, I have found something for me….and I like it. The emails, comments, texts, high fives and shout outs that I have received from you, over the past months have been incredible.

My stories are ones that others are living. My struggles and tribulations are ones that are not limited to my household. I write for me. But I also write for the mother out there who is so worn out from hearing the word NO all day that she doesn’t know what to do. I write for the mom who lives in fear that she is not living up to her “potential” as a mother and person in general.

I write for the mom who has less then 2 minutes each day to take a shower and during that time is yelling, “If you guys don’t stop crying I am going to give you something to cry about!”  I write for the mom who sneaks a minute for herself to eat only to be interrupted by cries for “some more” of something or to clean up a  juice cup that just exploded on the floor. I write for the mom who is cleaning up a playroom that she swears she just cleaned an hour ago.

I write for the mom who wants time to herself so badly yet when she gets it she doesn’t know what to do with herself. I write for the mom who will start doing things for herself when the kids start school full time. I write for the mom who loves her kids more than anything and couldn’t imagine her life ever “sane” again. I write for me, I write for you, and I am empowered by your emails, comments and notes…Thank you!


4 Responses to This Blog is For You

  1. avatar Kristen says:

    Keep up the good work Jamie! I love your posts, they make me laugh & bring happiness to my day. You rock!

  2. avatar denise opsahl says:

    THANK YOU for saying all those things that every mother out there wants to say but is either afraid to…or just can’t find the time 🙂 Love you, your humor and your blog. I look forward to every new post!!

  3. avatar Sarah Lynch says:

    Love your blog, J! So glad you have found something that you enjoy, and something that you can share with others:)

  4. Sounds like I ran upon your blog for a purpose and you have described me in this post. I’m definitely the one that begs for a break but my find myself unsure of what to do with myself when I get said break.

    I look forward to visiting your blog. *subscribing now*


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