Things That Make You Go HMMMMM

While on a weekend away with my husband Pete, we stumbled upon this um, bench. Just chillin there for the taking were three pairs of used shoes, an old and ripped up shirt and two books. One about maps and the other about love signs. Wow, it’s like we hit the lottery…I’ll take them all!






When Chase was one we began noticing that his left ear would turn red when he was super tired. Fast forward 4 years….it’s still redder then ever after a long day.






I am far from an artist so I shouldn’t even be commenting, however…really Picasso? And really hotel room in Oregon who chose this picture and MANY like it to decorate our room? I guess I should just post my kids artwork all over our home!






THIS is the picture that my husband sent to me while I was on a girl’s trip. Just to show me how easy it was for him at home with all three kids. Maybe I should sent him a picture of the kids using his new golf clubs as swords in the front lawn.






Not only did Chase sneak into the garage shortly after his 4th birthday, but he went through a baby box and put on the tux that he wore in my sister’s wedding a month after he had turned one. I am not sure if I am more weirded out that he put it on or that it doesn’t look that bad!



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  1. avatar denise opsahl says:

    Too funny! I think the 1 year old tux is still my favorite… Although the golf clubs as swords would be pretty darn funny too.

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