Things That Drive Me Nuts About My Kids, Part 1

I find that for about one week every month, I am annoyed by almost every little thing that anyone does. Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty annoyed the other 3 weeks a month but it just intensifies during that one week.

Let’s start with my 5 year old son, Chase. He is a bright and funny kid but every time we run into someone we know, he practically sticks his entire hand in his mouth and acts really shy. Even when the cashier asks him his name, he goes from smart kid to infant in a matter of seconds.

Chase also does this weird tongue thing when he cries (whether pouting or hurt), that resembles a panting dog. I am tempted to rip it out of his mouth every time I see him do it, but I refrain because I am a nice Mommy!

Chase has never been the greatest sleeper, which is no secret to people who know him. Over the past year he has started crying in the middle of the night and just keeps crying until we go in and force him go to the bathroom. It turns out that when he has to pee in the middle of the night, he is too lazy to get out of bed so he just cries continuously.

I am sure after this week is over, he will annoy me just a bit less….that is until 3 more weeks pass and I will be more annoyed then ever…again. He is lucky I am so patient and understanding!

Tell me what YOUR kids do that drive YOU nuts! It will make me feel better….thanks!


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