Things That Drive Me Nuts About My Husband

Pete quinlan

My husband Pete and I have been married a little over 7 years and together for about 10. In between raising 3 kids and dealing with everyday chaos I have to say that there isn’t a lot of time to notice the annoying things about him, but just for blogging purposes I managed to find a few.

Pete had braces on the back of his two front teeth when he was younger. For some reason, unbenounced to me…they are still on there. Not really doing anything, because the wire is out, but there are two brackets on the back of his  front teeth. Whenever he puts his head back and laughs, I can see them staring back an me and frankly….grossing me out!!

My husband is very clean. He showers a ton and is always washing his hands, however, for some reason his side of the bed has always had a weird smell. It’s like a musty old smell and I have never been able to figure out where it comes from since HE never smells that way. Even though it is obviously out of his control… still annoys me!

I have referred to this next thing in previous posts but since it is the number one thing that annoys me about him I have to repeat myself. He has restless leg, foot…whatever syndrome. Whether we are sitting on the couch or laying in bed he has to have those darn legs and feet moving all over the place. It may cause us to have separate rooms in the immediate future. Hopefully he is reading this, so he sees the extreme measures I am willing to go to in order to get away from his twitchy self!

So there you have it. I am sure over the next 7 years of marriage I will find new and interesting things to be annoyed about and look forwarding to letting you know then what they are!

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  1. avatar Suzie says:

    What’s for dinner? That is the most annoying thing I hear from my husband every single day. What’s for dinner? I asked him why do you ask me? Is it you think that I am the wife therefor I should prepare your meals? He looks at me with that scared look as oh s#!& what do I say? He then says I just didn’t know if you had something planned. We go through this every day. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear, What’s for dinner? Tonight I will tell them. I don’t know what is for dinner. You guys figure it out because I also want to know what is for dinner and when someone will be preparing it and serving me.
    Ugh Husbands. Got to love them. lol

  2. avatar amanda says:

    you sound like a pretty normal parent to me love the blog best of luck with it all

  3. avatar betina says:

    What is for dinner. I usually tell him what I have planned. He always frets, whines, and annoys about food. I NEVER in my life encountered a man whom is so out of culture and white-bred he only likes meat and potatoes. I have a complete different way of looking at things diet wise. I deal with it as it comes along.

    The other deal that drives me nuts is he has his priorities in the wrong place. He has been working for a friend whom is still trying to keep it together business wise. He gives a young man a ride every morning to and from work for he is on the way to start with. He has to go in for lab work which would take less than a half hour. He puts on the drama because this will cut into his time to get to work and give the guy a ride. AHH How about asking the kid to get a ride one morning so you can get blood work done! I don’t know when you with a polar opposite life is challenging.

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