The “Princess” Wants a Knife

After date night celebrating our 7th anniversary, Pete and I did what any couple with kids would do….we headed to Target for a kid free shopping trip. As usual I was magnetically drawn to the $1 bins, and found a cute fork and spoon set that had a pirate with an eye patch. Since pirates are Chase’s obsession of the week, I picked up the set and threw it in the cart. I decided to grab the turquoise princess fork and spoon set for Reese so she wouldn’t feel left out.

When we got home and were talking with my folks about how the kids had been, Reese started crying from bed. Pete said that he would take care of it and quickly ran to her rescue. After about 7 minutes Pete came downstairs and said that Reese was very upset that we didn’t include a knife in her set since she was a “BIG GIRL,” and that we should only be buying her PINK and not BLUE!!! She also claimed that it didn’t look very “princessy” since there were no flowers on them!

Apparently we now need to consult her before buying her gifts for no reason to make sure they are the right ones. Makes sense!



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  1. avatar denise opsahl says:

    Classic Reese. Love it 🙂

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