The One

We’ve all heard the question, “how did you know when he/she was the one?”  Some people remember a specific incident that took place and others just knew right from the start. Either way, it’s always so fascinating hearing stories about how people fell in love and how they came to the decision to spend the rest of their life with that one person.

I was asked that question a lot when Pete and I got engaged. I didn’t have an exact answer, not a simple one at least, I “just knew”.  It was a feeling…a hunch. We hadn’t gone through any tough or stressful times yet, and I was taking a gamble that in the future we would work through things well together and grow with one another.

We’ve been married now for 7 1/2 years and I think it’s more important to ask right now…at this moment in time…how do I know that he is “the one”?  My answer this time has some data backing it up.

  • He’s the one because he moved from his family in California so that I could be near my family in Seattle.
  • He’s the one because after hearing me go on and on about getting a puppy, knowing full well that I wasn’t a dog person, bought me one….and then let me give it away a year later…. because I wasn’t a dog person.
  • He’s the one because he rubbed my back during 3 pregnancies, even when he was tired and just wanted to go to sleep.
  • He’s the one because he left work to come comfort me the second I called him crying from the doctors office with news that our daughter only had one kidney, and then researched the hell out of what that would mean for her growing up.
  • He’s the one because he let me put the earnest money down on a lot we just drove by because I “just knew” that would be our perfect home….even though we had just bought our “perfect” home a year and a half before.
  • He’s the one because he held my hand during 3 c-sections knowing that it was the scariest thing I had ever done.
  • He’s the one because in my children’s eyes he is the greatest man that there ever was…and ever will be.
  • He’s the one because he makes me laugh….and let’s me cry.
  • He’s the one because even though I hate PDA, makes me hug him in public places and hold his hand….. just to embarrass me.
  • He’s the one because even though I can be hot tempered and bitchy at times he never lets it turn into a fight.
  • He’s the one because I can’t imagine this journey with anyone else and I would hate to think what my life could have been like if I had married the “wrong one”.

People change and relationships change, I am aware of this. Who we start off with in the beginning may not stay “the one” after the daily challenges and obstacles in life. My hunch 7 1/2 years ago paid off big time and he is more “the one” now then on the day he asked me to marry him.



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  1. avatar morgan says:

    beautiful! it’s so great that you have a husband that is willing to do so much for you. i actually kind of wrote a post about this topic, too!

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