The Best And Worst Gift I Ever Got!

Something that Chase said to me the other day inspired this latest blog post. He excitedly ran out of the playroom with a colorful drawing that he had made me. “Look Mommy, I drew a picture of you!” The fact that my hair is brown and blue in this picture threw me off a little, and the fact that my hands are replaced by balloons….oh and that I have a tail,  but what Chase said next made me laugh. “See Mommy, you are wearing your blue robe in the picture!”

For those of you who don’t see me on a daily basis, I have a dark blue, fleece, men’s XL robe that I wear ALL of the time. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is or if I am fully dressed in a cute outfit underneath or sweats and a tshirt. (FYI, it’s usually sweats and a t-shirt)! I am cold 95% of the time and when in my house, I love the comfort and warmth of my beloved robe.

Why would I own a Men’s XL fleece robe you may ask? That’s a funny story…….4 years ago my husband handed me a beautifully wrapped gift for Christmas. I was filled with curiosity while opening it. Did he go to Nordstrom and have the personal shoppers find me a gorgeous outfit that would fit me like a glove? Perhaps he visited Victoria Secret for a romantic bed time outfit? Stylish scarves? Really, the possibilities were endless.

The reaction on my face was not what Pete expected and the gift in the box was DEFINITELY not what I expected! “What in the heck is this?”, were the words that came out of my mouth! “Am I a 500 lb man? …and why Navy blue, were they out of pink?”

It’s been 4 years and I have worn it nearly every day! What about the days where it is hot out? I couldn’t possibly be seen wearing it around the house then…could I? Oh yes! When it is warm, I start the day wearing it, but then take the arms out and tie them around my waste. I often start the night wearing it to bed…and then take it off half way through. Don’t judge me, it’s not like I wear socks to bed….that would be weird!

It turns out it was the best gift that my husband ever got me. Now, if you ask him, he will say that he regrets the gift. Had he known that I would be “living” in the purchase all day  every day for 4 years ….he may have gone to Victoria Secrets after all.


3 Responses to The Best And Worst Gift I Ever Got!

  1. avatar Kellie says:

    Nothing really to say about this post other then it’s 99% TRUE. However I’m pretty sure she is lying about not wearing the socks to bed as when I saw her last week (at 2pm on a 70 degree day) she was wearing said robe AND white knee-high socks. Plus didn’t phase her one bit we went out to watch the kids ride their bikes in the street (you know in public 🙂 so I’m pretty sure she is wearing them to bed also!

  2. avatar Jamie Quinlan says:

    I like to think of it as my Mommy super hero cape…thank you very much!

    • avatar Kellie says:

      You did see The Incredibles right? I think we should call that designer and have her work on a new one for you. 🙂

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