Thankful For The Little Things

November is the month that we talk about the things for which we are thankful! We reflect on our lives and discover the things that we may take for granted and give thanks as Thanksgiving draws near. I can make a list, like everyone else this month and say that I am thankful for my wonderful children who bring joy to my life, an amazing husband who works hard and allows me to be a stay at home Mommy, and an awesome community where we have so many great friends that we can count on! Those things are true and I am so thankful for them, but what about the little things? This year I decided to dig deep within and list the random things for which I am thankful. Here goes……

  • The magic “1…2…3… ” I am not sure why or how it works, but it does. (“You better get down here before I count to 3 or I am going to take away your legos!”)
  • The third row in my car that allows my larger than planned family of 5 to arrive at our destination at the same time, instead of taking 2 cars.
  • Applesauce sold in pouches, that lets Lane feed herself while not getting it all over her hair, clothing and my kitchen!
  • Baby wipes that I actually use 150 times a day on bums, faces, hands, walls, etc.
  • Pony tail rubber bands which save me from doing my hair every day.
  • Wifi in my home that allows me to sit on the couch in my robe and slippers to write blog posts.
  • Naps, not for me….for the kids. With only 1 out of 3 still napping I don’t take these for granted at all.
  • Other people’s kids tantrums who make me feel like my kids aren’t the only one’s who act out.
  • Facebook because it permits to me see what is going on in everyone’s life without ever having to talk to them.
  • Almond butter, which lets me eat healthy while tasting like I am eating a dessert.
  • Pinterest, which allows me to pick out things that I will do, “when I have more time.”
  • Groupon and Living Social for giving me the option to purchase things I don’t really want or need but since it is such a good deal makes me feel like I must!
  • Hand Sanitizer which let’s me be lazy about washing the kids hands.
  • Nordstrom Rack which let’s me wear yesterdays fashions at affordable prices.

Are you thankful for the little things in your life? Sure we have thanked a soldier, a family member and a friend…..but have you thanked your dishwasher lately? Food for thought! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. avatar Ape says:

    Love it! I’m thankful for Dora the explorer! She allows me a shower most mornings!!!!

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