Sibling Love

I’ve been posting lately about the emotions Chase and I have been feeling between starting Kindergarten and the bus riding situation. I’ve made it clear that I miss him terribly when he is away, and that the dynamic seems off at home without him here. What I have began to notice however, is that I am not the only one missing Chase all day while he is away.

I have noticed a special bond that Reese and Chase have shared, over the course of the last year especially. Reese will be the first to say that she wants to watch Ninjas since that is what Chase will want to watch, and Chase will save part of any treat he has to bring home to his sister.

Last year at preschool Chase came home from school one day and gave Reese a bracelet. When I asked what it was for he said that the teacher had told them that they could make something for themselves or someone else, and Chase chose to make his sister a bracelet…too cute!

Reese lights up when she sees Chase in the morning. She rushes into the TV room to see him, or if she is the first one up goes into the refrigerator to get him some milk and a breakfast bar. Now that he goes to school we take him to the bus stop and then come back home to start our day…the three of us girls.

This past week when I am searching the house for Reese I always seem to find her in Chase’s bedroom. One day I found her laying on the floor of his room reading one of his books and another day she was sitting at his desk playing with his legos.




Reese stopped napping this summer. She turned 3 and then said no to naps and didn’t look back…until last week. When mentioning that she should probably take a nap she said that she didn’t take naps any more. An idea came to me and when I asked her if she wanted to lay down in Chase’s bed her eyes lit up. She ran in to get her blanket and pillow pet  and she excitedly climbed into her big brother’s top bunk bed.



Reese takes naps now, not because she thinks that she is tired, but because for a few hours a day she gets to feel near to the person she looks up to the most. They have a special relationship those two, and my heart is filled with joy when I think about how close they will be growing up.

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  1. avatar Shannon ashby says:

    What a little darling! That bond between them will carry them far in life together;)

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