Scratch Scratch, the Seven Year Itch

It’s official, Pete and I have been married now for 7 years. In those years we have lived in 2 states, 2 apartments, bought two houses, 5 cars, 1 dog and had 3 kids. Just typing all of that made me stop and take a breath.

Pete and I are a very good match, we always have been. He talks me off the cliff daily and I keep things “interesting,” to say the least. I am impulsive, yet I don’t like change. He is laid back and a go with the flow kind of guy, yet picky as all heck. We balance one another out….and our kids help throw that balance off every once in a while.

With three kids under the ages of 5 we don’t have much time to focus on our marriage. We don’t do weekly date nights, mainly because Lane won’t stay with most people but also because we love our family time when Pete gets home each night at 5pm. We are not a mushy couple so we aren’t making out or gazing longingly into each others eyes each day. So what is it then that makes our relationship so solid and great? These are some things that help….

  •  We get the kids down by 7:30pm during the week and enjoy a bottle of wine together on the couch while we discuss our crazy life.
  •  Humor. We laugh at and with each other.
  •  We both value friends and family.
  •  We know that we are in this for the long hall and that nothing will ever change our dedication to each other and our family.
  • We are both thick skinned and don’t let much bother us. When I have a bad day and lash out in a bitchy tone, instead of getting upset with me he cracks a joke or makes fun of me. It usually makes me snap out of it.






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  1. avatar Shannon ashby says:

    Great pic!

  2. avatar stephanie says:

    I just found your blog via Pinterest and I am loving it! I can relate to so many posts about the husband, the kids and the oh so comfy sweats and robe 🙂 i look forward to following you

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