Say What?

Every once in a while I will stumble upon something while reading to my to my children that makes me go hmmmm. Whether it be a nursery┬árhyme┬áthat seems a little odd or a princess story that seems like it should be rated R because of the violence, it’s always interesting what I find. Here are a few of the questionable things I found this week.

Who doesn’t love a good Fancy Nancy book? They are adorable and informative and such a fun read….well, except for page 8 on My Fancy Ancestors. “Yes Reese, that’s right, all of her ancestors are dead, gone, deceased……goodnight…love you!”






The author of this National Wildlife Federation magazine must have gotten a big chuckle as he/she was putting this page together. It couldn’t have been a hummingbird or a blue jay? Nope, they went with the blue-footed booby. What will they think of next…the pink-armed wiener? What about the purple-elbowed va-jay-jay?




Ok, so this one I didn’t find in a children’s book exactly, but I did find it while driving my kids to a theme park recently. Who isn’t lured in by a good deal….especially when it comes to something that is going to be put into your body? I am so curious over the years how many hungry people were driving on the freeway, saw this sign and thought, “well, I was craving a steak but that would be at least $10 so this sounds like an AWESOME deal!” So you are telling me that my entire family of 5 can a full meal for only $5?…..I’M IN! It doesn’t seem like such a deal however when we will have to pay a $20 co pay per family member in the ER later that night.





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