Saving Time

When I was in grade school my parents started a “new rule” that I was supposed to make my bed before going to school every morning. I remember being so upset by this huge chore and thinking that I would have to get up so much earlier to complete this daunting task.

One evening while getting ready for bed I had a great idea. I hopped out of bed, made it nicely and then went over to the couch that was in my room and slept on that.

The next evening I took it a step further and got my outfit on for the next school day, made my bed and curled up on my couch. I can’t remember exactly how long that new routine lasted but I am pretty sure that my parents wouldn’t have allowed it to go on for too long.

I am impressed by my time management skills as a kid and twenty five years later would like to think that me keeping my pj’s on all day is just me saving time putting them back on later on before bed.  Always thinking outside of the box…!

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  1. avatar Mrs. Newly says:

    I hear ya! Each day I DON’T wash my hair is yet another hour saved 🙂

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