Stuck in the Middle

What can I say about my middle child, Reese? At first glance she looks like the most innocent child….but look more closely and you will find a little devil. We are pretty sure that she will be the child who is one day in jail.

Don’t get me wrong, she is the child who comes up to her father and I 100X a day just to tell us that she loves us and her hugs and kisses are endless. However, the day her little sister was born, roughly one year ago, she became a different child.

Whether we are calling poison control because Reese has eaten my bottle of prescription stool softeners or finding empty tubes of baby orajel because she likes to suck them dry, she keeps us on our toes. She will stack chair on top of chair in order to climb to the top to find some type of medicine that is out of her reach.

Reese can’t be left alone in the same room as her baby sister. One minute away and I will find Reese trying to pick up, throw, kick, poke or kiss her little sister to death. One night we heard Lane screaming and crying and when running upstairs found Reese laying on her in her crib. It’s safe to say that Reese is feeling the affects of not being the baby in the family any longer.

Don’t get me wrong, this little girl is a joy in our lives. She cracks us up daily with her 20+ wardrobe changes. She loves the layered look and will put a tutu and heals on with any outfit. She loves to dance and is constantly singing to anyone who will listen.

At bedtime our new routine is for us to look at picture albums of pictures of HER. After we are done she tells me to tell her a story about “Princess Dorothy Reese,” and as I start telling her the story she interrupts every other sentence to tell me the way she would like me to say it. After my, or should I say her story is complete, she asks me to sing her a song. I always expect her to tell me that I am either singing it wrong or that she would like me to put her name in there somewhere but so far it hasn’t happened.







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