Parents Lie

Let’s be honest, parents lie…..every single one of them. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t do it to be mean (most of the time), it’s just that some times we are just too lazy to explain the truth.

When thinking back to my childhood I remember asking my mom when my freckles would go away. Her answer was always, “when you turn 18.” So, you can imagine my surprise and disappointment when they were still all over my face the day after my 18th birthday. Fast forward to today….they are still there…thanks for the empty promises mom!

With two toddlers around the house I hear the question “why” enough to choke a frog. It has become my second least favorite word in the house, after “Mommy” and “No”. So when Reese asked me for the millionth time the other day why Chase has his own bank,  I explained that she has a candy….and a delicious one at that.




When Chase heard this he crinkled his nose and asked, “then what does Lane have?” My response was, “she has a store at the mall.” 



For the next 15 minutes Chase and Reese went down the list of names of every person they know. “What does Leyton have? What about Kai? Addison? Sophie?” I had a difficult time coming up with answers for most of them.

My kids will now grow up believing that they own Chase bank, Reese’s Peanut Butter cups and Lane Bryant. Please just go along with it if you ever hear them, I would hate for them to think their Mommy’s a liar!

What white lies do you find yourself telling your kids………?


2 Responses to Parents Lie

  1. avatar Mrs. Newly says:

    I was told that my REAL mother was named Gertrude, and she worked at Dairy Queen…imagine my disappointment when I realized that this was a LIE, and I don’t actually get free blizzards for life!!!

  2. avatar Kellie says:

    HA! We named Sawyer after Lake Sawyer that my family has property on – I figured that is one way to get it in the will. Carson was almost named Moses as we have property over there as well that I really want to get! 🙂 Still thinking about changing his name to that – might be worth it in the long run!

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