Oh Sure, God Gets All the Credit

Today as I was making the kids their lunch (3 separate meals since they are super annoying like that), I was talking to them about things that make Mommy happy…..








(Ok, ok, so maybe I left those things out of the conversation since it may have been a tad bit inappropriate.)

I was explaining to them that one of the things that make me the happiest is to see them get a long and play so well together. Since MOST of the day is spent with me yelling, “Quit slapping your sister,” “Sit on her head one more time and I will put you to bed for the rest of the day,” and “Don’t even get near each other if you can’t be nice to one another!”



As usual I got the “why” question.   “Because I created both of you so it makes me so happy to see you two get along,” I quickly replied. Then my son Chase yells out to me, “No you didn’t, God created us,” as if I were some sort of moron. “Well, I helped him Chase.”

His eyes widened and then he stood up and said,  “WHAT???? You helped God??”  At that moment my son looked at me as if I were a super hero. I could tell that he was picturing God and I meeting for lunch at a local Panera Bread, going over the plans for the types of kids I wanted created.



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