Mother of the Year

As a mother, there were moments over the past few years that may seem questionable to some. For example, one night when Chase was three years old he was looking for excuses to get out of bed to come into ours. After hearing, “I am not tired,” “I’m thirsty,” etc,  my husband Pete and I were fed up.  When Chase walked in the last time and said, “I don’t want to sleep in my room all alone,” I quickly sat up and told him that he wouldn’t be alone….the monsters in his room would keep him company.The look on his face still cracks me up to this day!

Another stellar mothering example took place a couple of years ago when my daughter, Reese was 1 year old. I was feeling under the weather due to my first night out since her birth. My husband had to take someone to the airport so I was left alone with Reese. She had just learned to stand and was still wobbly, so when an easel fell on her, I knew what I had to do.

Luckily, I had my cell phone in hand as I lay there on the playroom floor. I quickly dialed my husband Pete, and asked him if he was close to home. He seemed confused with the panic that was in my voice and when he asked me why I didn’t just pick the easel up off her, he was even more horrified when I explained that I was too sick to get up and that I needed him to hurry up and get home so he could do it.

Don’t get me wrong, I have done some positive mothering over the past 5 years….those stories just aren’t as funny. So far I have been the perfect mother to Lane in her 1 year of existence but I know that any day now I may snap and tell her the truth about Santa Claus!


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  1. avatar Nicole says:

    For some reason, I can totally see you telling your kids that there are monsters in their room. Not a huge stretch for me to believe that! You crack me up though!

  2. I might steal your monster idea! Our two year old is days from crawling out of her crib and I know it’s going to be a nightmare getting her to stay in her bed. Every night I’m thankful for my uninterrupted night of sleep because it will be ending soon!

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