More Flaxseed Please!

For most of my adult life I have been considered some what of a “health nut” by my friends and family. I was the girl in college who after a big night out on the town would come back to my apartment for cottage cheese and cream of chicken soup, while the others were snacking on pizza and hot dogs. Don’t get me wrong, there are unhealthy foods that I really enjoy; however there are SO many healthy foods that I enjoy MORE.

When I became a parent almost 5 years ago I knew that I wanted my children to be raised in a home with healthy choices. Everyone has their own idea of health and I am by no means an expert, I just know what works for me and my family.


Lately I have found a great idea for the constant “I’m hungry” routine, that seems to go on every 15 minutes at my home. Starting at the beginning of each day I get out the kids cupboard and refrigerator bins. While they are eating their breakfast I get them excited about all of the fun and healthy snacks that they will have to choose from for that day. It usually consists of me jumping around like a clown singing and dancing while they laugh and decide between certain snack ideas. 





The cupboard bins usually have applesauce, fruit, raisins for their ants on a log snack and some sort of healthy nut mix in them. The refrigerator bins usually have carrots and celery, string cheese and a laughing cow wedge….plus their milk. As the milk goes low throughout the day I refill their cups so they don’t go through a million a day like they used to.

I have found myself doing the one thing that I always said I would NEVER do as a parent….I reward my kids with dessert for good behavior. It has been a challenge for me to find healthier type desserts but I have found an easy one that they like to eat and have fun helping with.

We call them smoothie pops and they are just a simple blend of berries, greek yogurt, banana, flaxseed and milk. The kids sit on the counter and help me make them and after a couple of hours in the freezer they are good to go.


My kids do enjoy sweets, just like every other kid and I do allow them to have them a lot of the time. I just think that when it comes to meals and snacks there are always healthy choices that kids will love. Figuring out what your kids will eat and like is a daily struggle so when ever I come across ideas that will make life easier I am a happy Mama!


2 Responses to More Flaxseed Please!

  1. avatar Mom says:

    You sound like a very wonderful daughter, I MEAN girl…. I enjoy your posts… xo

  2. avatar Briana says:

    GREAT idea! I’m going to steal that one from you. My kids don’t know what candy is yet – but they loooove snacks. So far, junk food hasn’t been an issue, but I know it’s only a matter of time until they figure out that steamed broccoli isn’t a reward. 🙂

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