Mom Vs. Mom

I don’t recall when I became this paranoid person, who worries about every little thing regarding my kids. There isn’t a moment in the day that goes by that I am not over-analyzing my mothering skills and wondering what more I could be doing.

When I am stressed or complaining about my life my mother seems to say things like, “we all did it,” and “we didn’t worry about those things when you were young.” So I ask myself, what is so different today? Feeding and caring for our children shouldn’t be any more difficult than it was for our parents? So why, do I feel like I am struggling in this role of “mom” when my mother seemed to glide through it like it was a piece of cake?? These are a few of the answers that I came up with as to WHY mothers today, are more stressed than say….30 years ago?

Pinterest is something that came to mind right away. I am pretty sure that my mom felt wonderful about the tuna sandwiches and Doritos that she threw into my lunch every day because she didn’t have Pinterest to remind her that if you were a REALLY good mom and loved your kids the way you should, you would get creative with their meals.







Looking back on my childhood, my mom probably never felt guilty about letting us watch TV or having us play on our own because she didn’t have Facebook to remind her that every other family was out doing fabulous things each moment of every day.






Reality TV shows were not around when I was a kid so there was no “Teen Mom” or “Intervention,” for my mom to watch that would turn her into a paranoid freak…worried that every little decision she made would either turn us to drugs or sex. There are 500 realty shows on TV today that make me second guess every decision, from am I hugging my kids enough, to am I feeding them too much peanut butter!






We can argue back and forth on if it is harder today to be a parent, or at least if there is more pressure to be a good parent until we are blue in the face. I will continue to read the toy recall list weekly to keep them safe, limit the amount of TV my kids watch to prevent faltering academic abilities, eat our meals sitting down as a family to keep them off of drugs and add flax and chia seeds to everything they eat to keep them healthy, even though my mom’s “we never had to do that” echoes daily in my head. I may have turned out all right, but if my mom had Pinterest, Facebook and reality TV shows back then, who knows what I would have turned out like?



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  1. avatar Angela M says:

    My goodness, this is all so true! And just the tip of the iceberg… There are so many factors that go into why it is so much more complex and demanding living up to the current idea of what a good and successful mom is by today’s standards. I think that it will be even more so for our children, theirs, and so on. There are more factors being added to the mix all the time. To me the current American concept of good mothering is ridiculous and the only way to stay sane is to ignore it and do what you know is the right thing. There are only 24 hours in each day and the importance lies in how you chose to spend it. If you have only a 1/2 hour after fulfilling all your other obligations ( i.e. work, bathing, transportation, laundry, dinner) you can chose to spend it interacting with your children and give them lunch money for the next day or spend it making some cute faces out of their lunch that you can post a picture of on Pinterest. Sometimes, we have to block out the messages from the world around us and realize that there are moments when it is just that simple. When your children are grown, what are they more likely to remember fondly, the cute lunches or the time spent together snuggling and playing?

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