I Used To Be Wonder Woman

I made the mistake of telling my 5 year old Chase the other day that I used to be Wonder Woman. I said it to be funny, but he took me seriously and these are the questions that I have had to answer for the past two days.


  • Did you wear a wig or was your hair just a different color back then?
  • Did you know how to fly?
  • Did you have a yellow¬†lasso?
  • Did you have the same clothes that she wears now?
  • Did you have the same headband that she wears now?
  • What about the boots…same ones?
  • Will you ever change back?
  • Did you ever have blood all over your face from a bad guy?
  • How old were you when you were Wonder Woman?
  • Who’s Mommy used to be Cat Woman?
  • Who are you now?…. Are you a chef?

I am sure that for the next week or so I will be fielding other funny questions about my former adventurous life from my inquisitive son. Wait until he finds out the truth, that I was just a dental rep.


One Response to I Used To Be Wonder Woman

  1. avatar Suzie says:

    Eh dental rep, wonder woman. same same.
    You will always be his wonder woman.

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