I Pee, You Pee, We All Pee On Mommy!

Two of my kids peed on me yesterday….and I am not referring to the 1 year old!  I have a new plan, now that the weather is getting warmer. During the week we are going to go park exploring. We will pack up a picnic and try out new parks to see what is out there.

When we arrived at our park of choice yesterday afternoon, we all hopped out of the car with our lunch, picnic blanket and sippy cups in tow. I started out carrying my youngest, Lane but after several, “this is too heavy,” I ended up carrying everything. When we got all settled Reese announced that she had to go potty. A half a second later Chase exclaimed the same thing. Well of course they both had to go potty…we had been out of the house for 5 whole minutes.

While trying to keep Lane from eating the bark, I quickly ran Reese in between two trees. Luckily the park was empty.  As I was holding Reese in a seated position in the air she began peeing. I had misjudged her aim, and got my first mini shower.  While Reese was mid pee, I felt sprinkles coming from another area. Chase had started peeing on another tree and it was bouncing off and hitting my upper arm.

I wiped myself down and continued on with our park adventure until my next shower, approximately 7 minutes later from Reese….again! I may need to rethink this park adventure idea.

2 Responses to I Pee, You Pee, We All Pee On Mommy!

  1. avatar Kellie says:

    omg – lol – dying as I was there with you at a park a month ago when all hell broke loose when 2 out of the 3 had to go to the bathroom and while you were helping Reece with the potty in the back of your car!! Chase is standing on the wall peeing in someones back yard! I’m thinking it’s not the park but you need to stop giving them drinks – I hear dehydration isn’t that bad!

  2. avatar michelle says:

    heee….love that you are still trying to perfect the in air seated postition with girls and trying to pee….I am still trying to…it s been about 3yrs:-)
    I am sure all the misting yesterday was rather nice since it was a sunny day and those are ar a few between here!!!
    as for Chase…who taught him to pee that high that it got you in the arm…maybe I am thankful to master the in air seated postiton….
    love all these

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