Husbands Requests

For those of you who feel badly for what my husband has to deal with by having me as a wife….. I just checked my email briefly in between taking care of our 3 year old daughter who has strep throat, changing my 1 year old daughters poopy diaper and cleaning the entire house inĀ preparationĀ for my in laws arrival today! This is what he took time out of his “busy” schedule to send me!

I am in need of some things and at some point in the near future i am going to have to get them……please view on a browser, not your phone.

I will own white loafers, it has always been a dream of mine and it is going to happen….accept it!
Steve Madden Men's Novo Slip-on,White Leather,17 M US
I need regular shoes for work, but that’s boring, no photo….
I need some converse as well.
I also need underwear…..
I can make this work…Right?
and another pair of pants for work, casual with big pockets please.
and maybe another shirt….Like I dont have enough plaid?!?!?
I don’t expect you to go get these for me….this is what I am thinking about as my computer locks up on me!!!!!!!!!!!

Please have a wonderful day!

2 Responses to Husbands Requests

  1. oh my. i feel like pete may not look like that in the underwear. and i’m assuming the jeans with big pockets are meant to make it look like there’s a butt in there somewhere??? and the white loafers….don’t get me started. there are really no words.

  2. avatar Mrs. Newly says:

    Please tell me he included the pictures…

    I’m sure I have plenty of boxer briefs that Austin’s ghetto booty stretched out! Just say the word and they are alllll yours….or Petes

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