How “Intervention” Lead to Fun in the Snow

After watching a few too many Intervention episodes on A & E my husband and I decided that we need to start planning more fun family quality time. I don’t want my son on that show in 10 years saying, “if only my parents would have done more with us on the weekends instead of cleaning and errands I probably would have said no to meth!”

In my typical panicked and impulsive fashion, I turned to my husband during last nights show and told him that EVERY Sunday from here on out we will plan a new adventure. He then reminded me that a month ago I was all excited about every Tuesday being “Taco Tuesday” at our home but that only happened once. Um….I think this is different; Chase isn’t going to turn to drugs in the future because he had spaghetti on Tuesdays!!!!

So, we loaded up the car this morning with all of our snow gear, snacks and potty chair. Who would have guessed that the potty chair would have been used the most, with myself included. After stopping off at a local coffee shop we headed out to find some snow. Just seven minutes in to our drive our 2.5 year old Reese announced that she “had to go potty!” We quickly pulled over and had her jump to the back of the car to what has recently become our portable restroom.

We ended up stopping for Reese to go to the bathroom five times on the way to our destination. Three of those times she informed us that she “couldn’t do it.” Each time we buckled her back into her carseat and headed forward.

We ended up stopping at Buck Creek Trail head. Two hours later we had gone sledding on the tiniest hills possible, laughed a ton, ate lunch and got back in the car only to find out that Reese had peed through her 5 layers of clothes and hadn’t even felt it. The trip home was just as eventful as the way up. It turns out that Reese had to stop just as many times to go potty with similar statistics and not to mention….a number 2, our car will never smell the same!

What we learned today as a family is…..

  • Reese has a bladder the size of an ant
  • The kids potty is NOT just for kids
  • Our kids aren’t afraid to eat dirty snow
  • We’ve done our part to keep our kids off drugs!



2 Responses to How “Intervention” Lead to Fun in the Snow

  1. avatar Mrs. Newly says:

    Tell Reese not to feel bad…I too can never tell I’ve wet myself in snowgear!!!

  2. avatar April Street says:

    Jamie…I love this story!!!

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