Get off of Your Phone Park Mom!

mom on cellHey you, mom with the three kids running around at the park. Can you look up from your phone for just a moment to watch your little miracles or life enjoy themselves? Your youngest just jumped off of the bottom step of the play structure and is screaming at the top of her lungs “look what I can do mom,” for what seems like the hundredth time. Your middle has asked you twelve times if she looks “pretty” going down the slide and your oldest son is walking around kicking the dirt because “you didn’t invite any boys for him to play with!”

You seem pretty selfish sitting there covered in lunch boxes and juice boxes while on your smart phone. Haven’t you been listening to everyone tell you that “they grow up so fast” and “cherish this time before it’s gone?” You will look back on days like this park visit and wish you would have just left your phone at home so you could just take it all in.

What was that? Oh, I’m sorry…do you have something to say? The expression on your face looks like you want to throw something at my face…like maybe your fist. That seems kind of harsh!!!

What? No, I was not aware that you made the decision to leave the corporate world seven years ago to become a stay at home mom. I didn’t realize you went from reaching sales goals and winning awards to dealing with poop, throw up and tantrums 24-7.

You say it was worth it 100% and that you would do it all over again, but then why are you sitting on that bench with uncombed hair and what looks like dried gogurt on your forehead looking down at your phone? Don’t you want to watch them “play?”

Oh, yes, 5:23 am is a little early to get up. Wow, Polly Pockets, Legos…a dance party AND loom bracelet making all before 7am?? No, I was not aware that none of your three children like any of the same foods. Yes, I would imagine waffles with syrup, oatmeal with brown sugar and cereal with milk….I mean no milk….I mean YES milk would seem a little tedious each and every morning. Well at least you managed to eat 1/2 of that Lara Bar before your youngest asked for a bite and ended up eating the rest.

Well at least your kids are all nicely groomed, I will give you that. Wow…really, 4 outfit changes?? …and that was just your son? Well the girls tutus and matching head bands look cute. Is that a slap mark on your middle daughters face?? No, I am not insinuating it was you…I can see that the little finger print marks are from your youngest daughter.

What are you doing on your phone anyway, may I ask?? Mascara? No, I was not aware that people can sell that from home. You started your own wine charm and necklace business? Impressive, but I really feel that your kids are more important that any amount of money you can make at home!

Really?….their feet grown that quickly huh? Yes, I can see why new shoes would be a priority every few months. Your son plays a lot of sports I noticed. Why don’t you just tell him no…have him pick just one, because sports can be really expensive. Yes, I can imagine how happy that makes him and how you feel that he is gaining a sense of confidence that will help him grow up and be well balanced. Yes, I can see how that would give you a sense of accomplishment being able to pay for certain bills like that.

Isn’t just being a mom a big enough accomplishment for you though? All of the thankless hours, the crying and yelling, the picking up spills and wondering what the heck all of the sticky stuff is..why is there! Shouldn’t that be ENOUGH?

I’m sorry I judged you, I don’t know your situation at all. The next time I judge a mom who is on her phone at the park I will take a moment to realize it may be in those few moments that she is working on finding her identity outside of Mommyhood. And although she couldn’t imagine her life any other way, a part of her still needs to feel a sense of accomplishment that can be measured. Although these days are numbered and they only are young once, she deserves a few moments out of her day to exhale.

2 Responses to Get off of Your Phone Park Mom!

  1. avatar My name is not Auntie says:

    I was afraid this was yet another blog post about the “precious moments” we are not cherishing- glad it wasn’t! I’m a stay at home mom damnit, I have plenty of kid cherishing moments- I feel like if I take them to the park, the least they can do to thank me is let me have a moment in peace!

  2. avatar Renee says:

    Agree…and Dad’s too!

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