Drive To The Doctor

I drove Reese to the Doctor a couple of weeks ago because I had a hunch that she had strep throat. The poor thing had a fever and was laying around the house with red tonsils the size of golf balls, so I knew that I needed to take her to the doctor.

Reese is a talker. I know, I know….you are probably thinking that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but at least I feel like when I talk it is always really interesting. I mean, I have really great stuff to talk about…don’t I?



Any who…one would think that being all sick and feverish would quiet her down some but on the 15 minute car ride to the Dr’s office this is what we she discussed.

  • She asked me why edamame was named after me.
  • She told me that girls were pretty and boys were cool.
  • She told me that she loved me 27 times and when I asked her why she said, “because you don’t go to work.”
  • She started to cry at one point and then told me that she was crying because Chase told her that it wasn’t a beautiful day out, when she had gotten up that morning.
  • She asked me if I had ever had blood all over my face from a bad guy.
  • She told me endless times, “don’t bump into that wall or we are going to get a ticket from the police man.”
  • Reese: “Why didn’t you bring me to Starbucks this morning?” Me: “Because I stopped and picked up a smoothy for you instead.” Her: “Well it was gross..and it had bananas in it and I think that is what made me sick!” (she drank the whole smoothie, loves bananas and was sick a day before she had the smoothie).
  • She told me that her finger hurt and I needed to take her to the dentist immediately.
  • Reese also went into great detail explaining that next time Chase is scared on the bus she would like to go in first, while he waits outside the bus and find a seat for him, and then he can come in and sit there.
  • She went from happy to upset all of the sudden and demanded to know why I had not fixed her hair for the appointment. She then told me that the doctor would have really liked her in a pretty braid.
  • As I put a piece of gum in my mouth Reese asked if she could have gum when she became a Mommy. When I told her yes, she yelled for me to take it out of my mouth and put it back in the wrapper to save for when she became a Mommy.
  • She then asked me if she could drive a car when she became bigger. After telling her yes, she then told me that she will give me a ride in the car when she is bigger and I am littler.
  • Reese told me that she would like to pick out a dinosaur sticker at the Dr.’s office and that she was not sure if she wanted a sucker because they are very very bad for her teeth.
  • She made it clear that she didn’t want the doctor to put any medicine on her and when I assured her that he wouldn’t, she got very upset and told me that she DID want him to so that it would make her feel better.
  • I sighed while driving and she asked what that sound was that she had just heard. I told her it was just me breathing and then she told me that she thought it was a raccoon.
  • As we were driving into the Dr.’s office parking lot she then told me that she does not like owls AT ALL because they wake her up.

Please keep in mind that it was only a 15 minute car ride AND that she was sick. She is healthy now…and we are driving 2 hours away this weekend to go on vacation. I may be able to publish a book after that car ride. Please stay tuned!


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  1. avatar Denise Opsahl says:

    Oh my I so remember those days. I once told Allie she was much older by then but still very verble! Me/ Did you know that Duck Tape comes in 17 colors now? What color do you want today? I know she didn’t get it but at the time it make me feel sooo much better! Hang in there Mama your humor will get you far!!!

  2. avatar suzieq says:

    Haha you two are funny. Good luck on the trip. 🙂

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