Day 5 Of The Challenge

Last week I mentioned that I was going to start the 24 day Advocare Challenge and now that I am on day 5, I want to share how it is going. I feel great, and am even more pumped about this challenge then ever. The past few days have flown by and I get so excited each night when I got to bed to see how I am going to feel the next morning.

Like I mentioned before, this is NOT a diet. I am simply ridding my body of every day toxins that are in keeping me from proper nutrition absorption. I am eating small meals every 2-3 hours and after day 3, I had no cravings and very little appetite. I had to make myself eat a small portion of almonds and an apple yesterday for my mid afternoon snack, even though I was completely satisfied.

This is not a starve yourself program like a lot of the ones out there. You are eating a proper amount of calories throughout the day based on a meal plan you receive. Here is an overview of what today looked like as far as what I consumed on this challenge.

Today, after I woke up, I had one of the energy drinks provided in my packet. I have been drinking the fruit punch flavor of Spark and love it. I have always hated energy drinks because they have such a weird taste but this one is delicious! It is a sugar free energy drink that is packed full of vitamins, nutrients and amino acids. It gives you the energy you need to get through your day while sharpening your mental focus. It’s amazing how I feel after I drink one,  I have more energy but less foggy as well. I have had a few friends actually tell me that they buy the Spark by itself not only for all of the benefits I listed but for a hang over cure. I haven’t tested that one yet, and I am sure that the company would not advertise that, but I have heard it from more than one person!

I also had 2 ProBiotic Restore supplements which are taken to help support intestinal health and function. It boosts gastrointestinal function and helps you achieve more benefits from your food and supplements.

Next is the Meal Replacement shake. Breakfast is the only meal that is replaced with a shake or supplement and the chocolate flavor is awesome. I did stir it with a spoon the first morning and thought it was gross. It wasn’t until the following morning when I put it in a blender with ice and water that I realized it tastes just like a milk shake. It doesn’t have that gritty feel that some protein shakes tend to have.

I also took a couple of the OmegaPlex supplements as instructed for heart health and increased overall wellness. Two hours later it was time for my morning snack and I had to have a fat and a fruit. I looked at my list of acceptable foods and chose my all time favorite healthy snack….almond butter and banana.

Throughout the cleanse it is so important to drink a lot of water. I mean a lot! 1 gallon a day actually, and I spend my days peeing. I actually said, “Chase, can you not hear that Mommy is peeing!” today when he was asking me to get him something.

A few hours later and it was time for lunch. A carb, protein and veggies were next up for this meal and I chose to go with the can of tuna, brown rice, and tomato on some lettuce with a little balsamic dressing. The other day I did the tuna mixed with mustard instead of mayonnaise and it was great.

Afternoon snack was another fat and fruit and like I said, I made myself eat some almonds and an apple even though I wasn’t even hungry at all. You are never to go more than 4 hours without eating on the challenge and I knew that I had to follow the rules to maximize the benefits.

I drank another Spark to keep my energy up later that afternoon and I was good to go until dinner. I had a chicken breast with salt free Mrs Dash seasoning and a little balsamic and it was excellent. I love salads so I usually add my meals to a big bowl of lettuce since lettuce is a “free” food  every day, (so are celery, cucumber and spinach.) Dinner consists of a protein and veggie so I added grilled mushrooms and onions to the meal. Again, a little balsamic helped with the taste.

There are options to have other meals after dinner. I could actually have another 1/2 protein and veggie serving but I have not had to have that extra meal any evening so far. It is nice to know however that if I wanted more food there would be that option.

Before I go to bed at night I have a few Herbal Cleanse supplements. These are taken for the first 10 days to help rejuvenate and cleanse your digestive system to aid in removing all those toxins we have accumulated over the years.

I am so excited about this 24 day challenge and can’t wait to see how I feel at the end of it. I wasn’t expecting to feel this great so soon into it, and I would definitely not be blogging about it if it wasn’t truly how I was feeling. I am giving this challenge two thumbs up, that’s for sure.

Now if you excuse me…..I have to pee!


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  1. avatar April Street says:

    Jame….u forgot to tell us abt ur poop. Where’s the blog for that???

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