Craigslist Ads Part 3


I’m looking for a real older lady who likes to do things in and outside of the bed with good looking younger guy. I’m a 21 year old college guy looking for an older lady. By older, I mean over the age of 30. The older the better. Your looks do not really matter to me, just wether or not your serious about this. I’m 6 foot tall, 210 lbs, football player and very good shape. I’m willing to do what ever it takes to satisfy an older woman. Please include a pic, and put your age in the subject. 

Dear Looking For Cougar,

I think that you may have your “cougar” definition off by just a wee bit. It is nice to see that you do not discriminate on age though and that “the older the better.” I would try volunteering at senior centers and see if that works. That is probably your best bet when searching for an older woman over the age of 30.

You’re one click away – 27

On Sunday afternoons I like to have brunch out somewhere. For me a perfect night is one that doesn’t end until the next day. When I’m out driving I stick to the speed limit. Speeding wastes fossil fuels. 
I want to learn the meaning of life… or meet a cute girl, whichever comes first. Commitment-wise, I’m pretty casual… but if it becomes serious later on, I won’t complain. 
Im looking for a fun, spontaneous, active and local girl to take out and have a great time! 
Please respond with pic and the code word is i know its not spam 😉 

Dear You’re One Click Away-27,

It seems a little odd that you felt this was the best picture to use when trying to meet a cute girl. I would suggest maybe taking the picture straight on and looking into the camera next time. Good luck on finding out the meaning of life….or finding a cute girl, whichever comes first!

Do you want a child? – 30 (WA)

I’m seeking a very fertile woman that is five eight or taller and under one sixty. I’m looking for someone willing to relocate to central WA. OR I can come to you and live there, whatever is easier. I’m seeking love and marriage also, something real and lasting. If interested, send a pic and age, then I’ll send my pic and then we can go from there, put “prego” in title, so I know your serious.

Dear Do You Want a Child-30

I am answering this ad because I fit this description perfectly. I am very fertile, 5’11”, and under 160….I am 36 to be exact! I don’t even need to relocate because I already live in WA…how great is that? I am already married with children so either the 5 of us have to move in with you, or you can move in with us. Please let me know so I can prepare!

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  1. I’m dying over these guys!!! Do they really get serious responses from people?? So glad we’re all out of the dating world…

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