Craiglist Is My New Favorite Hobby

While you may be trying to find a date the conventional way…..going to bars, church, golfing, there are a number of¬†eligible bachelors on Craigslist just waiting to meet you. What are you waiting for? Part of me is just kicking myself for missing out on this…….

Peaceful and nice, retired and cool,be like me – 50

please don’t jurk me around or play games with me i’m not into the shit some wemon have sent me, i’m looking for a lady who wants a loving man and a careing boyfreind, i’m not a asshole i’m just tired of the shit mail some people have sent me, in fact it only proves to me that i’ve not got a e-mail from a kind right lady yet, so be slim and want this neat cool old man who is a freind and a lover, and yes 14 years of living alone and not dating should prove to u that i’m looking for a woman and not a sleep and thanks kinda cheep wemon. . be some what neat be cool have a way about u be some what slim, i’m a grampa and my kids like my long hair, i could say all kinda shit but it would be no good without talking to me so send a photo if u want a e-mail the rest i’ll spam. non-drinker looking for great granny I HAVE ASKED THAT THE LADY I SEEK BE SOME WHAT SLIM, I WILL ALSO ASK THAT WEMON NOT ABUSE MY ADD BECAUSE I SEEK A SLINDER WEMON. THANKS PLEASE SEND A PHOTO IF U WANT A E-MAIL NO GAME , NO SMUT, NO BULLSHIT I’M TIRED OF IT.

Dear Peaceful and nice, retired and cool, be like me- 50

I would first off like to offer my apologies for the ladies that have “jurked” you around in the past on Craigslist. That was not very nice of them and if they really were looking for a “careing” boyfriend they wouldn’t have acted in such a disgraceful manner. I feel that 14 years of living alone proves that you have just been waiting for “the one,” and that your slim great granny is just one email away. I think it is awesome that your kids like your hair long and feel that you may just need a special kind of “women” to assist you in letting you know when your cigarette is ready to be ashed. In your picture you look like you are one minute away from your house going up in flames so I hope you find your “slinder” love soon so that you can be the best kind of “freind” and lover that you are capable of being.

Go Fish!

I am an attractive, active, successful, goal oriented, driven MAN. I have my head on my shoulders. My own place, truck, life, family, and friends. What I don’t have is a hot little stoner chick to kick it, and enjoy life with. I am looking to meet someone that likes to go out and have a good time as well as kick it around the house. Bonus if your a Christian. Please respond with a pic and I will do the same.¬†

Dear Go Fish,

Unfortunately I am already married so I am of no assistance to you. I think the fact that you have your own place, truck, life, family and friends will really help you on your search for that Christian stoner chick you are looking to “kick it” with. Good luck!

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  1. avatar Erin says:

    My husband and I used to read these for hours and laugh and laugh and laugh! It is an excellent source of bonding and entertainment.

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