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Being a stay at home mom is hard…and busy. It also can be very lonely and boring at times…most of the time actually. I just looked through my inbox and thought I would share some of the emails I have recently sent my husband Pete through out my busy days. Keep in mind that he is busy working all day and has to deal with my calls and emails a million times a day.


  • Team meeting tonight….we are spending more then we are making so some things need to be cancelled or sold. Let’s brainstorm……my vote is Reese!
  • I threw my back out today at the park fyi. On couch icing my back
  • I am so bored I could scratch my eyeballs out today!
  • Please email me a list of things that annoy you about me.
  • Our love…Is hanging by a thread today big fella……¬†
  • Ok….love back on track now. Love you
  • I am going to lose my shit the first day of kindergarten….probably more than you realize!!!
  • Jokes over….come home. I am bored and exhausted…..and my feet are cold. Love ya!
  • FYI…both kids need things built in their closets to hang their costumes…..Reese has too many, for that little bin.
  • This is what I need in the next house….please find ASAP…thank you very much!
    • 1- bigger backyard (facing the right way so I have sun in the backyard)
    • 2- bigger open family room kitchen floor plan
    • 3- window in front of house so I can see outside
    • 4- walk in pantry
    • 5- house not dry humping the neighbors house
    • Thanks, I appreciate it!
  • Were you murdered at the gym today…just curious!???
  • STOP spending money!!! No more coffees and lunch this week please. NO more using credit cards. Use debit if you have to purchase something
  • I may lose my shit since all of the kids are up right now for the day!!! AHHHHHHH… it 5pm yet????????
  • The pic of me that shows up on gmail that you picked is¬†hideous…how do I change it?
  • That’s great, it was a huge day here at the Quinlan household as well. Chase wiped his own bum, Reese stopped trying to kill her sister and I didn’t have to hold Lane the entire day. Oh wait….that didn’t happen at all. Oops…guess it was another shitty day at the Quinlans! xoxox
My husband may annoy me on every day that ends in “Y”, but I have to give him credit for putting up with me. Pete knows by now that he will be getting 100 emails a day with different ideas that I have about changing our life up….only to get home and have me, change my mind yet again.

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  1. avatar Suzie says:

    I set the kids down a few years back and told them we had to down size and we thought choosing one of them to go was the best idea. They no longer fall for it but the first time is so great.

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