First born

Where do I start when describing my first born, Chase. He is the funniest person I know. He is so funny that at age 2, I started writing in a journal all of the hilarious things he would say on a day to day basis.

He is the kid who told me ┬áto put my hair back up in a pony tail because he wasn’t used to seeing it down in the morning. He is the kid who asked my husband one day in the car on the way to the zoo if he had gone to high school with Cookie Monster. He is the kid who will ask loudly in a grocery store, “why does that man have long hair like a girl?”

He is the kid who says that trees are all over the place…just like Starbucks. He’s the kid that says that we can’t say “boobs” but we can say bum and tummy. He is also the kid who yelled at my neck to “stop killing Mommy” when I said that it was killing me one day.

He is the kid who LOVES school…but HATES Mondays because it is girl sharing day and they always have “princessy stuff!” He is the kid who when telling him that Daddy and I lived in California before he was born freaked out and asked why we let him live somewhere else while we were there. He is the kid who was surprised by certain snacks when he would get up from a nap and then nervously quiz me on who stayed at the house to watch him while he was asleep while I was driving around town buying these snacks.

He is the kid who yells down to me still each day…for the last 2 years while getting dressed..”is it going to be hot or cold today?” He is the kid who told his younger sister last year that she didn’t need to be scared to sit on Santa’s lap because, “he wasn’t going to punch her in the face or anything like that.” He is the kid who asked me if dreams come true and when asking what he was dreaming of he said webbed feet. When I said, “like a duck?” he said, “yes, I want duck feet but not their body.”

He is a kid who has never liked any type of blankets to touch him while he sleeps and has to have his arm around his stuffed puppy.

He is the kid who is constantly making sure his hair is still spiked during his soccer games and if he needs to wear a hat, just puts it on the back of his head so that his hair remains groomed.

He is a perfect first born child and keeps us laughing daily. He will be 5 years old in a few months and I don’t remember what life was like without him.

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  1. avatar April Street says:

    Love love love this!!! I need to do something like this soon. I can’t afford therapy!

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