“Can You See if I Got it All?”

You would think that when dealing with “potty” time, the kid in diapers would be the most annoying; or even the one who is newly potty trained and needs me to wipe her. Not the case in this household! Chase, my oldest who is almost 5 years old has always been quite the “anal” retentive one.

I knew that when we told him that it was time for him to start wiping himself that this would be a stressful task for him. After all, he did spend a full year asking each time that I wiped him if I “got it on his shirt.” After a while I started saying yes to watch him freak out…(I need to entertain myself some how each day!)

Once we handed the reins over to him to do the task himself we thought we were done. One down, 2 to go! Nope, now he just screams from whatever bathroom he is in, “can you come check to see if I got it all?” Once I run in and check, he then argues with me, as if I am lying to him as some sick way of getting back at him for all of the torture he has put me through these last few years.¬†¬†After a couple minute debate my task is over…until I come out of the bathroom to find that one of the other two have crapped their pants.


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  1. avatar Mrs. Newly says:

    Poor Chase…everyone else gets a mug shot, he gets a bag wipes to represent him!!!

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