Birthday Snacks, My 4 Year Old Approved!

Anyone who has a kid in preschool is used to hearing that they had ANOTHER cupcake, or cookie, or candy for snack time at school. I’m not a saint and I am not saying anything bad about those mothers who do bring those “snacks” to school, however, I feel that the daily sugary sweets before eleven o’clock is a lot!

So, the other day was Chase’s birthday snack day. I thought and thought about what he could bring. Would he be upset that he wasn’t going to share cupcakes with tons of frosting with his fellow classmates in honor of his day? Would flax muffins and carrots get the thumbs up at school like they do at home….on most days?

preschool snack dayI decided to keep my weird and healthy concoctions to the privacy of our own home. I did however want to throw in a fun and healthy snack that the kids could enjoy. Thirty minutes before school Chase sat on the counter and helped me make grape and banana skewers. I threw in individual bags of Cheez-Its and some Minute Maid water with a splash of juice.

It may not be the healthiest or most creative snack out there, but I got a thumbs up from Chase when I picked him up. The kids must have enjoyed it, because there was only one skewer left when I got there. Chase did tell me that the bananas were a little dried out and a tiny bit brown when they ate them. He said that it was ok though, they were still good.



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