Are You Up For The Challenge?

I am busy preparing meals today. Healthy, delicious meals that I will put in the refrigerator and freezer and hope that by preparing them early it will make it easier for me. The meals are for my family, I won’t be eating them. Although they are nutritious and well thought out, I will be on a challenge of my own…..a 24 day challenge.

I moved to California 10 years ago weighing 25 lbs more than I weigh now and on a different “diet” every other week. I had just ended a relationship that I had used as a “crutch” for so many years and was looking to find myself,… by myself. I picked up and moved away from my family that I was extremely close to and thought that getting away would be the best answer.

It turns out that California was a good move, since I met my husband 4 months later, but the constant dieting was still out of hand. I began binging and purging during my last few months of college and continued the cycle for quite some time. I would eat healthy most of the time and truly enjoyed healthy foods but would find myself with a carton of ice cream or chips most evenings when everyone was sleeping and would eat them quickly so I could then go to the restroom to throw it all up.

I began working at a health club in sales and became close friends with a girl who was training to be a fitness competitor. I began going to see my friend who was a nutritionist and even got a trainer of my own when I got engaged. I was becoming more of a healthy person, but the “dieting” mentality was still there.

My husband and I moved back to Washington in 2006. I stopped “dieting” and lost 10 lbs almost immediately because I was in a wonderful marriage, and was finally back living near my family again. Six years and 3 kids later, I am lighter than I was in high school and I am living a healthy lifestyle.

One of my greatest passions is health and fitness. I could talk about it all day and night and if you ask my family, they will tell you that is exactly what I talk about all day and night. What we put into our bodies is crucial to how we look and feel. How we FEEL is what is truly important and looks should just be secondary.

Tomorrow, I am starting the 24 day Advocare challege. It is not a diet. For 24 days, I am going to rid my body of caffeine, alcohol, and other impurities. I am cleansing myself so that my body will better absorb nutrients going forward. I intend to feel more energetic, be in a better mood, have clearer skin, have mental clarity and be proud of the healthy role model I am for my children.

I am taking care of myself, so that I can take better care of them. I ask you to look at your lifestyle and figure out if you are being the best you, that you can be. Don’t wait and make this a New Year’s Resolution like you have made in the past. Do it now, you’ll thank me later!


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  1. avatar sarah lynch says:

    Love this post!!! Good luck to you – I think you will not only love the challenge, but you will rock it!!

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