Good Thing Jumpsuits are In!

“I am bored. Tell me what it is like on the outside!” This was the text that I sent my husband today at 2:24pm. He gets texts, emails, calls like this all through out the week. Part of them are for humor but there is some truth to them as well.

I know how people in prison must feel. Actually, they get to read, workout and have time to themselves so I don’t know. They have meals served to them and from what I see on TV they get to play basketball and cards. Now my thoughts have drifted to what I can do to get into prison……..

My thoughts and mood change not only 20 different times during the week but at least that many per day. I wake up, not by choice, at around 5:45am each morning and after dragging myself out of bed I am in a positive and happy mood. I have 3 adorable kids and my loving husband provides for our family and allows for me to stay home each day to shape their little minds. This thought doesn’t last through breakfast but I just wanted to point out that my intentions each day are good, at least at the start.

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