Anniversary Poem

After cleaning out some of our drawers today I came across a poem in a card that I gave Pete last May for our anniversary. I thought I would share….

Roses are red, violets are blue

It’s hard for me to picture life without you

Our kids are a wreck, but they’re also great

We spend our time @ the zoo, instead of on a date

We once were a family of 3, now there are 5

The goal is to have fun, but also to keep them all alive

Our love takes a back seat to diapers and such

But know in my heart, I love you so much

When Chase is 12, it will be our time

To focus on our love, and wine and dine

As for right now, we will enjoy it all

The tantrums & sicknesses, and kissing knees when they fall

I will continue to meet you each day on the couch at 8

For our nightly television and wine date

If ever I am not there and you wonder where I could be

I have ran away to Canada so don’t try to look for me

Who said I am not romantic???


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