And They All Died Happily Ever After

I have been searching for different “quiet time” ideas lately for my two oldest kids. I would like them to have something to focus on when they are home that doesn’t involve me ALL the time. So, when I went to the book store last week you can imagine my delight when I found the kids books on CD section.

I scanned through my options and immediately found a fun one about dinosaurs. I knew that Chase would be thrilled so I threw it in my basket. Since Reese is not even 3 yet I knew that I needed to find one that would really entice her, otherwise there would be no chance of her sitting still to listen to it.

Jackpot!! Anything about a princess or pink is right up Reese’s ally. I imagined her sweet face as I surprised her with this wonderful book on CD. We would dance around the room and laugh because we were so giddy.



As I was in line to purchase these rare gems, I decided to flip open the Cinderella book. As shown in the picture below, the first sentence reads….Once upon a time, a poor young girl lived alone with her father because her mother had died. Kind of a buzz kill…don’t ya think?

Needless to say….we are in search for a new book on CD for Reese. Recommendations welcome!

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