…And Then There Were 5

If someone would have told me 20 months ago that I would be a mother to three I would have 1) laughed in their face and then 2) slapped them silly. It would have been more believable to me that I was going through EARLY menopause, then pregnant with two kids under the age of three years old.

Fast forward to my life now. The reality still hasn’t really set in that I have 3 kids, but without sounding corny, 1 year ago today I met the love of my life…..again.

Lane…or Laney Bug as we call her around here is the sweetest, most wonderful little person around. Her smile lights up the room and when I look at her eyes I actually feel an overwhelming sensation of love…and of being loved.

In another year when she is experiencing her terrible twos and yelling “NO” at me, when I ask her to do something, I am sure I will feel differently. But at this moment, right now in my life, she is my saving grace and I have trouble breathing when I think for a moment that she almost never was…….

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