An Emotional Birthday For Mommy

Before Chase turned 1 year old he had a love for animals. He began reciting animal sounds before he said “Mommy” and knew the difference between a meerkat and a prairie dog. He has always been known as the kid who is obsessed with animals.


I remember going to Fred Meyer or Target weekly to surprise him with another new animal. He had to bathe with them at night, and his room looked like a zoo.  We got our first zoo pass when he was just 6 months old and have had one ever since.

He turned 5 years old today. I was in his room yesterday in preparation for his “big boy” desk that his grandparents had purchased for his birthday. I brought his Legos and dress up clothes to his room because he no longer likes to play in the room where his two younger sisters play.

Each time I went downstairs to the playroom for more of his things I would see his barn, and what seemed like 100 animals that he has played with for the past 5 years. I didn’t want to ask him the question that was weighing on my mind…..but I did. “Chase, what do you want me to do with your barn and all of your animals?” “You can get rid of them,” was his response.

I had to turn my head as I walked away. A silly wooden barn and some farm animals is hardly anything to get emotional about. I won’t be “getting rid of them,” because Mommy is not ready to let go…….


2 Responses to An Emotional Birthday For Mommy

  1. avatar Mom says:

    Sniff sniff……Mommy needs a hug!!

  2. avatar Vera Quinlan says:

    Oh boy, it just gets worse… 🙁
    Sending them off to kindergarten is really hard too. I can’t believe that Cade and Kacey will be gone all day… *sigh*

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