Ah…Those Were the Days!

Jamie Quinlan

I decided to take a trip down memory lane today and scan through my senior yearbook. Most of it was the same old…..”it was great getting to know you”, “had fun in Mr Smiths class”, “we’ll hang out this summer” …yada, yada, yada but a few things really stuck out. Here are some interesting things that people wrote:

“Jaime, or it is Jaymie or Jamie?” (This is how someone started their message to me. It is on the front page of my senior yearbook and my name is actually written right above it. This person clearly was oblivious).

Maybe the funniest thing written was by a boy who will remain nameless. “You’ve made me laugh with your humor and I hope you don’t lose it, because maybe someday you’ll be a BETTER comedian than that Roseanne character. I also think you are prettier than Maria Carey and Paula Abdul.” (I don’t really know what to say about this one other than, um, thank you?)

Another young man wrote, “You seem like you always want to have fun. That’s so cool. If your life isn’t too busy, call me. Maybe we can go for a jog or have some real fun.” (I am pretty sure that I never called him, that jog does sound totally fun though).

“Hey, remember sophmore year when we liked the football studs, partying at my house and waiting for them to arrive? Then you got to go to prom with him? Sorry I was sometimes a bitch or jealous.” (Apology accepted).

“First I would like to thank you for being a great friend who always seems to have a perverted piece of advice.” (That’s what I am here for).

A certain guy friend actually wrote, “I have really cherished our time together. Though it was never intimate, it didn’t bother me. Being with you really helped me along. You will turn out much like your mother. Myself, I have my father to look forward to.” (That seems pretty deep for a high school boy).

“I’ve made many “friends” but you and everyone are the best friends I could have. Despite what everybody says about me I hope you feel the same way.” (Huh)?

Although there were many funny things written in my high school yearbook the funniest, is what I wrote in the senior memory section. When asked to talk about our future I said, “Go to college and become a fashion designer. Some day narrow it down to one man, marry him and have 2 beautiful children.” For those who have been in suspense since high school, I did go to college, didn’t become a fashion designer (actually flunked a fashion class), narrowed it down to one man, married him and had 2 beautiful children….+ 1 more.

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