Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I have written blog posts in the past about doing more with my children, being present in the moment and giving them my all. I feel good about myself after I write about it, almost like a new mom….and then forget about it shortly after.

My intentions are good. I start off each morning hugging and kissing them like crazy, but then things get in the way. An email from a friend, a funny Facebook post, a call from my sister….they all get in the way.

Today Chase gets out of school at noon. One of his sisters will be napping and the other will be at preschool. I told him that when he gets home today I will not be on the computer or my phone and that it would just be “Chase and Mommy time.” His face lit up and I saw how important this was to him.

I went one step further and collected all of the games around the house that he likes to play. We spend the morning before school running from room to room placing a different game in them. We are going to play “game golf” when he gets home and he is beyond thrilled….as am I.

Chase gamesHe made a list before he left today, so that I wouldn’t forget. If you need me today after 12pm, I will be busy. I have an important appointment and my phone will be off and my computer will be put away. I plan to do this more, this time it won’t just be words.

4 Responses to Actions Speak Louder Than Words

  1. avatar Pamela says:

    Good job busy Mama! The no phone rule is at dinner time at our house-but I need to do it more! These kids grow up so fast! Dillon is 20. Grace is 8 & Alaina just turned 2. How did that happen. Very proud of you Jamie!

  2. avatar Tom says:

    What a great point! I think so many of us need to do exactly the same thing. I think about the times I write about my kids, and then realize I need to focus a bit more on enjoying time with them instead of just observing them.

  3. avatar Tom says:

    Such a great post, and so true. I love the part about having good intentions, but then getting sidetracked. Happens to me all the time and sometimes I forget that little kids don’t understand “good intentions”, they just see you not doing stuff with them.

    On a different note, how’d you get your kid to play chess!!!??? Outstanding!

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