A New Chapter

You were once my little baby, and the greatest love I’d known.
I quit my job in dental, to stay with you at home.

Peek a boo & patty cake, filled our days with glee.
It was music to my ears, the day you finally said “Mom-my.”

At 18 months you knew the alphabet, and every animal that did exist.
At 2 you became a big brother, to Reese, your little sis.

You used to help me feed her, and loved protecting her all day.
You’ve always been my little helper, even when sister #2 was on her way.

They say that time flies, and now I guess I understand.
I am afraid if I blink my eyes again, you will already be a man.

Your teacher’s letter came last week, and boy it made me cry.
When you asked me what was wrong, I said I had something in my eye.

I’ve been waiting for this day to come….for 1 less kid at home.
But being with you each and every, day is all I’ve ever known.

Who will tell me knock knock jokes all day and hug me when I’m sad?
I know it may seem funny, but you’re the best friend I’ve ever had.

When I put you on the bus next week, I will have to hide my tears.
I hope you know that the greatest part about my life, has been these past 5 years.


5 Responses to A New Chapter

  1. avatar denise opsahl says:

    I just love this. So hard to believe that those little squirts who met at just 18 months old are now off to Kindergarten. There will be no shortage of tears next week — how early do you think we can break out the wine on their first day???

  2. avatar Michelle woodward says:

    Thanks a lot, I thought I was doing great till you posted this! The tears are flowing…well said! Time flys, some days we wish it away, wish I could slow it down now!!!”

  3. avatar Mom says:

    You make me proud! I remember it well, 30+ years ago..
    sniff sniff…. honk!!!

  4. avatar Sarah Lynch says:

    Awww, that is so sweet!!! I love it:) Hope next week goes okay, such fun adventures ahead for all of you!

  5. avatar Sarah B says:

    My favorite post yet. You really are a tender heart under all that humor. 🙂

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