A Day Not Forgotten

It’s amazing how most of us can remember the exact moment on September 11, 2001 when we found out the devastating news. We went through our typical daily routine on September 10th, probably laughing and enjoying the day unaware of what was to come. Something that would change us forever…..

I was in the shower getting ready to go to work that morning when I got the call. I worked at the ABC affiliate in Seattle for a talk show called Northwest Afternoon at the time and it was right across the street from the Space Needle. Everyone was a little hesitant that day, not knowing if the Space Needle was going to be the next target and I remember being fearful all day….and many days following that it could happen any time.

Our show, Northwest Afternoon didn’t air that day because of all of the news coverage, so they used me in the editing room to review the video and that we had received. One of my jobs was to “edit” out what we couldn’t show on TV since it was so graphic but those images still to this day, are burnt in my memory.

I remember sitting there crying while watching so many people jump out of the burning building and stopping the tape for the public just before they hit the ground. My version wasn’t edited however, so I saw it all….and I can still see it.

I was in the editing booth for what seemed like hours that day. Watching different tapes of the same thing. I imagined what was going through those people’s heads at the time and wanted to scream at the fact that, that was their only option….to jump.

I imagined the mothers and fathers who would never see their kids ever again and all of the devastated people who would get a call that day…or the days following telling them that their loved one was found, and was now in a body bag.

I am angry and sad, just like I am every time there is something devastating going on in the world, which unfortunately is too often. The inner child inside of me wonders why people can’t just “get a long,” and I think that peace should be something that can some day be attainable.

“Through tragedy come triumph,”…isn’t that the saying? The definition of triumph is a great victory or achievement. It’s been 12 years since the tragedy.

Anniversaries like today humble us. We stop complaining about our lives and are thankful that we are a live. We hug our kids a little tighter today, and breath a littler easier the moment they walk back in the door after school. We say with pride together…”United We Stand,”….and at least for today, we mean it.


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